Friday, August 3, 2012

It's been awhile

I am horrible about blogging. I'm pretty sure I've tried three times now. I was just looking at the last time I posted anything on here, and it was over a year and a half ago. Thanks to the new and improved set up up of blogger, I can now see how many people have actually looked at this thing. The answer...None. I guess in a way that is just sad, but it is also kind of good for me, because I like to do things like talk about books with spoilers! Horrible I know, but it's really hard to talk about a book without spoiling parts. Try it! I was adding character descriptions on shelfari earlier, and I kept having to check the spoiler alert box. Maybe I just have issues with being really general.

Well, now that all of that is said, I can finally talk about a book. It's my favorite thing to do. Right now I am ready "Savvy" by Ingrid Law. It is one of the books I bought at a Scholastic Warehouse Sale. By the way, I would recommend going to one of those if you have a change. The Scholastic website has all the sales listed according to state. Because it's almost time for a new school year there is a sale coming up soon. I'm already saving money for it.

Anyways, back to the book. I wasn't sure about it when I bought it, but that has never stopped me from getting a book before. Looking back on it, that should probably stop me, but then I would have to have some type  of restraint when it comes to buying books, and I just can't see that happening. This is what the back of the book says, for those of you wondering what the heck this book is about in the first place.

"For generations, the Beaumont family has harbored a magical secret. They each possess a 'savvy'- a special supernatural power that strikes when they turn thirteen. Grandpa Bomba moves mountains, her older brothers create hurricanes and spark electricity...and now it's the eve of Mib's big day. Af if waiting weren't hard enough, the family gets scary news two days before Mibs's birthday; Poppa has been in a terrible accident. Mibs develops the singular mission to get to the hospital and prove that her new power can save her dad. So she sneaks onto a salesman's bus...only to find the bus heading in the opposite direction. Suddenly Mibs finds herself on an unforgettable odyssey that will force her to make sense of growing up- and of other people, who might also have a few secrets hidden just beneath the skin."

I could write a lot more, but I have a feeling this post is already plenty long. Next time I'll actually talk about the book.