Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Year, New Resolution

I feel like I do this every year. Say that I'm going to actually keep up with this blog, and then nothing happens. So, here we go again.

For Christmas, I told my mom I wanted books. We went to the Scholastic Warehouse sale, and I ended up with a box full of lovely new books. I'm going to work really hard on not buying any more new books until I read all of the ones I currently own, therefore, the library is going to be my new best friend.

I started out this year already in the middle of two series. Tennis Shoes Adventure Series by Chris Heimerdinger and Sailor Moon by  Moko Takeuchi. These are two completely different series, one is religious historical fiction, and the other is a Japanese graphic novel. Oddly enough, they both have twelve books.

Chris Heimerdinger decided that for the 12th book in this series, he would take the characters from one of his other series, and add them to this one. Because of that, I visited the handy dandy library and picked up the other series so that I would know what was going on. I didn't want to get the the 12th book and suddenly have no clue what the backstory was for a bunch of the characters. I'm currently rereading book 11. Whenever I get a new book in a series, I always reread all of the previous books to make sure I have not forgotten any important details. 

When I was little, Sailor Moon was the random cartoon that my babysitter had on VHS. Last year, I discovered a site that has all the episodes of Sailor Moon that have been released in the U.S. I became curious about how closely the show matches the books. Growing up I didn't even know there were books. I went to the library and picked up the whole series. I'm currently on book 7. The books are actually rated for ages 13+, which I can understand. There are things in the books that you just don't see in the show, at least not the American version. I don't know what other countries show.

So that is what I'm reading right now. After I finish these, the next books on my shelf are my Sarah Dessen books. I'm super excited to read those again.

Well, hopefully I can make it work this year.

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