Sunday, February 15, 2015

Variety is the Spice of Life

So, it turns out, I am pretty much incapable of reading one book at a time. I have to have at least two in order to be truly happy. I've been reading through all of Sarah Dessen's books, but I have also been reading the Gallagher Girl series. The Gallagher Girl series is one that is possibly on the chopping block. I love the series, but I wasn't completely sold on the ending last time I read it. I'm giving it another chance before I decide anything. I'm on the second to last book right now, so a decision will probably be made next week.

In other news, Harper Lee has a new book coming out! I'm excited and sad at the same time. I mean, I love To Kill a Mockingbird, it is undoubtedly a classic, and I really want to read something else by Harper Lee. The sadness comes from the questions that have been raised about this book. People are saying that this book may be coming out because Harper Lee is being taken advantage of. It's possible she never wanted it published. I really hope that is not the case. I think the only one who really knows what the true story is is the author, and I'm not sure we're going to get the story from her.

I'm trying to get to To Kill a Mockingbird before the new book comes out. I'm still working on reading my books in order on the shelves, so I have two whole bookshelves to read before I get to that one book. My guess is that I will end up reading it before I finish the other books, because I don't think I will be able to read all the books that are ahead of it before July. I may have to start another countdown.

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