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This was a pretty heavy book, which is something I wasn't expecting with the whole post-it note thing. I appreciate the fact that the author took the idea of writing messages on post-its, which could have just been a really light-hearted story, and really brought some depth into it. It makes it a book that I think teenagers will be able to relate to more than something that just skims the surface of what it is really like to go to school feeling different than those around you. I love the idea of finding your tribe.

The events of the story take place when phones are banned in school, and the students start using post-it notes stuck to lockers, hallways, and passed in class to send messages to each other. Like most things, everything starts out fine, but soon the dark underbelly arises, and bullies that are two cowardly to do anything in person find power in the little anonymous notes. It's something I could almost tell was going to happen, but I was not prepared for what happened after the bullies appeared. I think that showing the aftermath, showing what happens after the bullies is something a lot of teenagers, and really everyone, needs to see.

I also learned one very important lesson, if you can make an origami fish, you can call it anything you like, and it will magically be that thing. Now I just have to learn how to make a fish.

Author: John David Anderson
Publisher: Walden Pond Press
Publication Date: May 2nd 2017

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