Friday, October 6, 2017

How I Magically Messed Up My Life in Four Freakin Days

How I Magically Messed Up My Life in Four Freakin' DaysHow I Magically Messed Up My Life in Four Freakin' Days by Megan O'Russell
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I wasn't sure about this book at first, and I think I will need to read the next book to really figure out how I feel about it. The story line was interesting, a magical phone that causes all sorts of problems for the teenagers who try to return it to its rightful owner.

I liked that the teenagers actually acted their age. It wasn't a bunch of kids finding something magic and then becoming super heroes or something. They were concerned about the magical world they had found, but also things like math and trying to decide what constitutes an emergency that would allow them to use the emergency credit card. Yes, there was some teen romance, but it was realistically awkward.

I wish the book would have expanded more on the friends and why they were so important to what was going on. Bryant can work the phone, so his roll in the story is clear, but the others are told they have rolls too, and that fate brought them all together. Why? Why were they so important. I would like their special skills to be expounded.

The aftermath of everything was left up in the air. Hopefully the next book will start out with Bryant's parents and everything that had been affected by the kids' actions. As a stand alone, I would say that it isn't really complete, but as the first in a series, it works.

I received a copy of this book for an honest review from the publisher.

Author: Megan O'Russell
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Publication Date: 15 Aug 2017

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