Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Wallace the Brave and Sterling

Wallace the BraveWallace the Brave by William Wilson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When I started reading Wallace the Brave, I thought it was going to be a different take on Calvin and Hobbs. I figured there would be a little kid getting into trouble, while everyone around him is more mature and tries to bring him back to the real world. I was wrong. These comics stand on their own, and are enjoyable for readers of any age.

The illustrations bring you back to a simpler time. They are not as clear cut as older comics. Sometimes characters will randomly have a unibrow, which oddly works. I feel that the illustrations show the connection between the author and the book. Having perfectly drawn characters every time is not as important as the story.

Wallace is the main character, but you also have his friends, family, and teacher. All of the characters are lovable in their own way. While there isn't an animal that follows them on their adventures, there are seagulls that show up every now and then to bring in more humor. There are adults in this book, but unlike other comics, the adults sometimes act just as childish as the kids. This seems more true to life than an adult always being serious and trying to bring their children back to the real world.

My favorite character is Sterling, Wallace's little brother. I'm not sure how old he is supposed to be, but he is hilarious when he shows up. He is a character that can sit quietly in the background until he has something to say. Like most little children, the things he has to say tend to be a little off the wall and filled with drama.

I appreciate that Will Henry does not just do the standard story lines. With the number of characters he created, he is able to do more. I found myself wishing there was another Wallace the Brave book so that I could keep reading. I did receive a copy to review, but I will be buying a physical copy when it is published. The simple joys shown in this book make me wish I was still a child.

I really don't know anyone that wouldn't enjoy this book. I guess if someone really does not like the comic format then they wouldn't like it, but that is it. I am highly recommending this book. I hope a second volume is in the works.

I was given a copy of this book by NetGalley for an honest review.
Author: Will Henry
Publisher: Andrews McMeel
Publication Date: 17 Oct 2017

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